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this is incense peppa hart

this is incense peppa hart
this is incense peppa hart

Designer: This Is Incense

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Peppa Hart - Electric Dreams

Cedarwood, Amber, Vanilla

This is Incense is made with natural fragrance blends containing essential oils.

Scent notes:
Sandalwood Oil
Nagarmotha Oil
Cardamom Oil
Carrot Seed Oil

Place incense stick in holder and ignite the tip. Burn for 5 seconds and then blow out the flame, allowing the stick to smoulder and fragrance the air. To extinguish dip stick in water or press top against hard heat resistant surface.

Incense sticks are delicate, handle with care.

Each box contains Sticks. Each stick burns for approx. 20 mins = total approx 30 hour incense burning time

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