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Green Tea with Coconut: Transport yourself through the soul of Thailand with a sip of our Bangkok green tea. Green tea subtly mingled with smooth coconut, lemongrass and ginger with a hint of vanilla. Rife with exotic flavours, the hint of spicy aroma is as mysterious as it is enchanting. A subdued but exotic escape.

Peppermint: Breathe in the marvellous aroma of intensely fresh peppermint leaves from Oregon, growing the world’s finest peppermint. Traditional peppermint herbal captures the pure, crisp aroma in every sip, each swallow like a cool wind swirling down the throat. A favourite for pesky stomachs, the rejuvenating mint-tisane is immensely refreshing and it’s enthralling aroma and taste lingers on like a delightful peppermint candy!

Organic Plain Green: Organic bancha yields a grassy, light bodied tea. It is very light and clean in flavour.

English Breakfast: A black tea blend of Ceylon and African teas. Start your morning with the strong, smooth, full-bodied flavour of this English Breakfast tea. A masterpiece of high quality Ceylon and African black teas, each sip invigorates and keeps the mind ready and alert throughout the day. Possessing a timeless allure, this refined blend inspires long time tea drinkers to switch their morning cup.

Ginger & Licorice: A delightfully simple herbal blend, both spicy and slightly sweet. A delicious caffeine-free brew that soothes with the sweet flavour of liquorice, and is balanced with the spiciness of ginger.

Hot Cinnamon Sunset: It’s spicy! It’s sweet! As delicious as candy, this medium bodied black tea is naturally sweetened to perfection by a blend of cinnamons, orange and sweet cloves. This remarkably assertive tea effuses a hot spicy aroma and sets off fireworks on the tongue that’ll have you exclaim wow! Our most popular flavoured tea will no doubt become one of your favourites.

Blackcurrant: Burst with sweet berry aroma, black currant is a refreshing Chinese black tea with a rich and full-bodied juicy berry treatment. A trail of currant goodness travels down the throat but the signature black tea flavours still reign supreme.

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