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litoralle aromatica

litoralle aromatica
litoralle aromatica
litoralle aromatica
litoralle aromatica
litoralle aromatica
litoralle aromatica

Designer: Litoralle

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Clean and light, Litoralle Aromatica seeks to capture the enchanting power of the sea. The lovechild of windblown Mediterranean coastlines and sundrenched California beaches, Litoralle specializes in understated and elegant fragrances enriched with sparkling Italian citrus, briny sea air, blushing floral waters, and ethereal oceanic musks. Our romantic scents melt into the skin, mingling with your unique body chemistry to restore your spirit back to the sea.

Eau de toilette  3.4 fl oz / 100 ml

Litoralle Aromatica are a cruelty-free company and do not use animal products or test on animals.

All products are made by hand in Los Angeles, California.

CARAMELLINO - The salt on your lips swirls with sweet caramel like a lover’s kiss. A curl of smoke from a cigar dances in the ocean air. As sensual as bare skin itself. Caramellino balances the richness of tobacco with fresh red mandarin and a hint of toasted sugar.
Notes: red mandarin, tobacco, vetiver, tonka bean, amber, salted caramel

ISOLA ROSA - Curving cliffside streets dotted with rose geraniums. Uniting the green floral essences with white peony and jasmine, fresh bergamot and warm musk. ISOLA ROSA embodies the eternal romance of Italian seaside villages.
Notes:  geranium rose, white peony, bergamot, jasmine, ambergris, floral musk

LUCE DEL SOLE - Golden daylight gently warms your skin. The scent of fresh citrus wafts through salty breezes. Enriched with Italian bergamot, briny sea air, and oceanic musks, LUCE DEL SOLE's sunlit essence transports the soul to the beaches of Italy with refreshing notes that melt into the skin.
Notes: lemon, bergamot, mandarin, salt, vetiver, ambergris, clean musk

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