Five Minutes with Alison Cotton - Designer of First Base August 08 2014


Recurring dream: Missing a flight or not have the collection at the look book shoot!

Most loved fairytale: Does The Little Mermaid count?

Most overrated: Acai Smoothies. Boring.

Favourite hour of the day: Whenever is the hottest.

Fantasy duet partner: Marvin Gaye.

Clothing item you will never part with: Ripped denim jeans.

Clothing item you would ban: Skorts.

Irrational fear of: My hair looking bad or not being tanned enough - I did an office poll and that's what the girls came back with.

Dream lunch date: Sophia Amoruso or Kelly Slater.

Worth fighting for: Anything you really really want.

Signature dance move: Bump and grind.

Brains or beauty?: Can’t you have both?

Sugar or salt: Salt.

Optimist or pessimist: Pragmatic Optimist.

Style icon: Johnny Depp.

Most proud of: First Base. Taking nothing and making something is pretty special.

Fancy-dress theme: Hawaiian.

Best piece of advice: Never stop. Ever.

Would like to meet: Gerry Lopez (he basically invented surfing).

Favourite holiday spot: Anywhere there is sun, sand and surf.

Worth staying in for: Make out sessions with the boy.

People are surprised at: How much I swear and how short I am.

Style is: Rocking a bandana in 2014. 

Genius is: E=MC2

Success is: Having something to do, something to look forward to and someone to love. Well thats what Bob Marley said anyway.