Five Minutes with Arielle Mermin - our Darling new Designer June 13 2014

Recurring dream: Numerous times, I’ve dreamt of being back in my old house I grew up in California. I’m looking out to the bay through a window and see all these surfbreaks in front of me. In the dream, I am also really anxious to get out there to surf and then I wake up to realize, firstly, I am not in California but secondly, that was not the beach I grew up in. The bay area never had surf breaks! It’s very confusing!

Most loved fairytale: Not to seem totally corny, but the one I’m living. So much of my journey in NZ really has been so fantastical. I met my husband surfing in Kaikoura and now I live in one of the most beautiful areas of NZ, with incredible surfbreaks while pursuing my dream. I have to pinch myself sometimes that this is my reality.

Most overrated: Bottled water.

Favourite hour of the day: When I’m productive whether it’s 3am or 4pm - when my brain is fired up!

Fantasy duet partner: David Bowie or Mick Jagger—the problem is I’ll probably just stand there and watch them in awe and forget to sing along.

Clothing item you would never part with: My Frye black campus boots - there is no better boot company in the world and they make size 11! I’ve had mine for over 15 years -can’t find them in NZ though…

Clothing item you would ban: Crocs/and or Teva sandals and that handkerchief/halter chiffon top that I’ve seen women wear in NZ- not a good look at all.

Irrational fear of: Losing my parents. I miss them dearly and wish they lived close to me. I think of them everyday.

Dream lunch date: Bill Murray and Ricki Gervais. Sometimes laughing is much more satisfying.

Worth fighting for: Loved ones and those who cannot defend themselves.

Signature dance move: I used to go to a lot of 60’s revival garage rock shows in LA and I would clap vigorously to the music, but now, regardless of the genre, you’ll find me clapping away, shamefully dorky but just love doing it!

Brains or beauty: Brains for sure—you can fake and buy beauty, you can’t fake or buy brains.

Sugar or salt: Probably sugar but feel like I could give up chocolate before cheese—tough call.

Optimist or pessimist: I used to be a pessimist and working my hardest to be an optimist!

Style icon: Too many to list; any one involved with the Rolling Stones pre 1980’s, David Bowie, Grace Coddington, Katherine Hepburn…etc…to be honest, I have about three each time I design a range and they constantly change.

Most proud of: Everything so far!

Fancy-dress theme: The letter game—if the party letter is ‘A’, everyone has to show up as something starting with the letter ‘A’ - just really creative.

Best piece of advice: Two that I stick by every day - ‘never take a job that you think you can do’ - always challenge yourself because you will always discover you can do anything regardless if it seems impossible and most recently, ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’.

Would like to meet: Too many to list! In terms of the field I’m in, Grace Coddington, Karl Lagerfeld and the late Alexander McQueen.

Favourite holiday spot: Somewhere with uncrowded waves, warm sunsets and a couple of beers.

Worth staying in for: Nice cooked meal from my man, at home margarita night with the girls and Game of Thrones (total guilty pleasure but I love that show!)

People are surprised at: That I’m actually super shy regardless of how outgoing I seem to be.

Style is: Exhibiting who you are without any words.

Genius is: Doing something innovative without all the complications.

Success is: A long list of failures that eventually lead into something great/tied with finding happiness regardless of where you are and what you do.