Five Minutes with Kelly Coe - Designer of Augustine International May 09 2014

Recurring dream: That there is a child crying while I am in a deep beautiful sleep. Then I realise its not a dream, there is a child crying and I have to get up in the night. Again.

Most loved fairytale: Ooh I have seen the Frozen movie four times with my girls, looove Alsa and Ana, fairy princesses are just sooo bug eyed and beautiful.

Most overrated: Miley Cyrus and salad.

Favourite hour of the day: 7pm, when the girls go to bed and I sit down with my dinner and a wine and don’t move from the couch for a few hours with my magazines, a good book and sometimes good tv.

Fantasy duet partner: I am a dreadful singer, so maybe Beyonce so she could cover for me and I could just mouth the words.

Clothing item you would never part with: I have sooo many Augustine dresses I cant part with any of them so I just keep them all in my wardrobe looking pretty, literally hundreds.

Clothing item you would ban: 7/8 wide leg pants, anything polar fleece as well actually.

Irrational fear of: Jail. No idea why, I have always been well behaved, but I have a crazy fear of hearing about anyone going to jail, could never visit or go near a jail. When I hear about Schapelle Corby I cry.

Dream lunch date: Victoria Beckham and Princess Kate together. They could eat salad and water and I could have a fabulous lunch and listen to them both.

Worth fighting for: My family, my babies. Love.

Signature dance move: Pretty sure I don’t have any worth talking about, they only come out after a lot of wine. Although my little girls and I can do a good booty shake in our knickers in the bathroom to katy perry while we get ready in the morning.

Brains or beauty: Both, brains are beautiful.

Sugar or salt: Sugar, ooh I loooove some sugar. I am a lolly addict.

Optimist or pessimist: Optimist. I hate negativity.

Style icon: Victoria Beckham, Olivia Palermo, Kourtney Kardashian all mixed together.

Most proud of: My kids, my husband, my clothing label, my life, the drawings my 3yr old does and the way my 2yr old dresses herself every morning in funky get ups.

Fancy-dress theme: Red Carpet, I hate wasting a night out on theme dress ups, I love getting all glam and dressed up, so to get a babysitter and waste a rare night out wearing an afro and a paisley 70's dress is devastating.

Best piece of advice: Don’t listen to anyone that tells you you can't do it, shouldn’t do it or couldn’t do it. If you think you can you probably can. You can do anything in a nice dress and a smile.

Would like to meet: My parents when they were 21.

Favourite holiday spot: Our bach in Whitianga in NZ, or Thailand for overseas adventures.

Worth staying in for: House Husbands, Wentworth, Greys Anatomy, Home and Away, I am a tv drama junkie.

People are surprised at: The fact that I play prem level netball on Saturdays.

Style is: Essential.

Genius is: Someone who is effortlessly styled everyday.

Success is:
Doing what you love everyday. Whatever that is, if you love it and its not work you have found success.