Our 10 favorite things for Summer! December 19 2013

Christmas is fast approaching, so Nards and I thought we would let you in on our 10 favorite things for summer!

(If you're lucky it might even help you with your christmas shopping : )

Me first (Hayley)....I have to start at my no 1..... (dun dun dunnn)



#1 Spiderlilly bags - Arghhhh The Martini Clutch! Reasons for my infatuation - its bright, its embroidered, it has pom pom's, not everyone has one and it feels fantastic in my little hippie hands.

#2 SABEN Signet Collection - In Particular the Skinny Dip ring! Anything you can stack has a special place in my heart. This little baby will take pride and place on my right hand thumb!! (ooooonce I get it for christmas)

#3 Tassel Earrings - A good tassel goes along ways these days!!! My favorite comes in the form of earrings, red and gold to be particular !! matches my lipstick !! but tassel bracelets and necklaces are a perfect accessory for any summer outfit !!!

#4 BAZ*AR Scarves - Mexican Standoff, we created them, come on they have to feature in my top ten somewhere, they are our baby and they are fantastic! (Shameless promotion)

#5 Kama Oil - The only perfume ill ever wear.. Yes its what my mum wore when she was a teenager, makes it even cooler in my books!! (I also think I could be a wood nymph when I wear it, don't laugh)

#6 Bonnie Cakes - (Our neighbours) my four a week habit is with the berry smoothies YUMMO ! (Also there salty caramel chews are worth a mention. Warning cannot just have one.)

#7 Maxi Love - Anything thats a maxi its safe to say I love it! Right now it is my Pepe high waisted Maxi skirt !! 

#8 Ruby Nailpolish - The brighter the better !! Insert Ruby Flamingo or Valentine Red polish here!

#9 ConverseA shoe that can be worn with everything!!!! yes my favorite look is converse paired with a maxi dress in-love in-love !

#10 Textiles - Anything textile related, clothing, fabric, wallpaper with illustration, colours, embellishment, pattern gets me every time, i will probably dedicate my life to this at some point !!

And now my turn (Nardine) - I'm a bit more Christmas themed - namely because I'm a notorious matcher so once I got started on the red and white buzz it had to be continued...


#1 Hawke's Bay on a Platter - Now I'm still honing my cooking skills but this book is so much more than a cookbook! The photography has been exquisitely done by our good friend Lee Warren and it is the ultimate Hawke's Bay keepsake.

#2 RUBY Valentine Nailpolish - At only $19 a pop this polish is the perfect stocking filler not to mention the best consistency I have tried! Two coats, no top coat and colour that lasts for days - it's amazing! 

#3 SABEN Oskar - the most recent addition to my SABEN wardrobe - Oskar was initially purchased for my husband but it's all about sharing right?

#4 WoodWick Christmas Candles - It's the only time I change the scent of my candles - Christmas calls for some festive themed fragrance.

#5 GROWN Facial Kit - Grown Alchemist organic skincare is the first skincare 'routine' I have incorporating into my life and it more than does the job for me. The facial oil is divine and I'm a sucker for packaging so it was love at first sight!

#6 Converse Oxfords - The classics. These shoes have been around for almost a century, haven’t changed much at all over the last 50 years, and still they are as popular and fashionable as ever. That’s just flat out amazing.

#7 SABEN Marlowe - So I've always been a sucker for SABEN's beautiful bags therefore it's fitting that two make it into my top ten. Marlowe and I have been firm friends for awhile now; this bag is huge but not too much so, the leather is amazing and I just love him! 

#8 BAZ*AR Hustle Card - Not buying large for friends this year? Then give them some much needed encouragement for the new year!

#9 Candy Canes! - Hands down one of my favourtie Christmas treats. And also part of our BAZ*AR wrapping theme this year which coincidentally means there's a large supply at work...for now...

#10 Havaianas - A new summer calls for new Havi's. My dream jandal is now in my wardrobe thanks to this new addition to the collection. Black + Gold = Happy Feet ; )

So there you have it - our likes, loves and recommendations. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and have an Awesome New Year!

Much love Hayley & Nardine xx